Two wonderful boy from Baileys daughter Alisa Loved by the Sea's litter:

I've got 2 pictures from 2 wonderful boy, they are Baileys grandchildren:

Diamant & Dax aus dem Frankenland

They are 3,5 month old

11-12. 06. 2017  SLOVAKIA - Baileys children

Litter "B" in the Bellissima GlemBell Landseer kennel

I spent 2 sweet days with them, it was sooo amazing!

more pictures here:


04.03.2017 Baileys is Grandfather AGAIN!!!! Litter "D"in the Frankenland Kennel!

Alisa Loved by the Sea (Baileys daughter ) gave birth : 4 Male and 5 Female

Congratulations to the :


29.01.2017 Baileys is Grandfather AGAIN!!!

Arthur Loved by the Sea's (Baileys son) children were born in Germany at the Landseer vom Nierstal Kennel!


08.01.2017 HUNGARY

we spent a wonderful day with Baileys 7 month old children.

On the pictures : ARTHUR & APHRODITE BELLISSIMA GLEMBELL (7month old) and Baileys (7 years old)

10.10.2016 Baileys son: Ingrid Gyöngye Athos in Poland is DADDY!!!!!!!

he is HDA, ED0 AND OCD FREE!!!!



We are in our city's newspaper ! 


Beautiful day with the Tanner family from Switzerland
My Boys and the dogs from the Landseer vom Graf Toggenburg kennel :
Baileys, Anina, Biri, Attila, Anouk (Baileys daughter ), Benita and Edmond

06.12.2015 GERMANY

Baileys son : ARTHUR LOVED BY THE SEA is DADDY!!!!!

ARTHUR is Daddy of 3 boys and 3 girls



31.07.2015 Baileys daughter Alisa Loved by the Sea gave birth 10 puppies ( 7 boys and 3 girls)!!! We are so Proud and Happy!!!
So now Baileys is Grandfather too! 

11.11.2014 - we' ve got some wonderful picture from Belgium

Nette, Bonita ( the cat) and Baileys daughter A- STERRE who is almost 3 month old 

19.09.2014 - We visited Ingrid and Baileys puppies in the Ingrid Gyöngye kennel / Budapest (HU)! They are 5 weeks old! 


The Big Meeting :)

Our Big Boy and his fantastic breeder met after 4 years.....so long time ...

10.06.2014 - Baileys son

our sweet Arthur 11 month old, he is amazing!

22.05.2014 - WE ARE SOOOO PROUD : Baileys in the TV!

Juhuu, 12.04.2014 - Atlas Loved by the Sea (Baileys son) got :

SP 1 SK PI2 TPJ Jun SERT - BEST JUNIOR, Junior winner of Tallinn on his first show! WE ARE SO PROUD


On the picture you can find him left side :)


Atlas (7 month old- right side) is her love ÄLLI (11 month old-left side) :


13.-14 of September - i can saw Baileys children and we can spend two wonderful days with Atu (Atlas Loved by the Sea - Baileys son), it was amazing he is sooo wonderful and amazing dog like his sisters and his brothers)


We are sooo happy, Baileys children visit us on 13 september 2013. and Atlas stay with us 2 days :))))