SUMMER of 2019

Litter "P"

IK 0,12% AVK 100%

Mating date: 28.04.2019, 29.04.2019


Elisa Vinná Perla

Geb. 29.März 2016

Mutter: Agáta od Labské Brány

Vater:   Jethro vom Nebelwald

HD „A“, OCD frei, ED 0, Cyst. frei, Thrombopathie frei,,LWS/KB frei

DM-frei, MD-frei, Herz Farbdoppler O.B.


Happy to inform you that on 24.05.2019 pregnancy was confirmed with ultrasound
We are waiting the puppies the end of June!


Last day in June (30.06.2019) Baileys and Elisa love-child, Pauline was born with 920g! / SOLD

Pauline is 11 days old:

Pauline is 5 weeks old:

11.08.2019 we visited Pauline- Palina in Wien