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14.05.2021 Our 11,5 years old Grandpa'


May of 2021.


Baileys is Grandpa 23 times (23. litter ) ! 

In middle of May (in Sweden) borned the 23. litter where is our Baileys is the  one of the Grandpa' ! We are so happy and proud!



Winter in Spring in the Hungarian deep Forest, Bakony.
Snow in April………never happenned to me with this in Hungary!
We LOVED  it with Mr.B, he is my HERO!


Winter is arrived!!!


We are incredibly proud of Baileys!


Our 11-year-old wonder child took part in the 1st autumn dog swimming competition in Gödöllő (the pool is of course indoor)!Even so the COVID lots of dogs entered the event, but everybody has own date.The dogs were divided by size and age group.The race took place by swimming back and forth, which was measured with a stopwatch. It was possible to try 5 times, and the best result was recorded. The dogs ’best times were written, compared, and thus an order was formed.
Baileys time: 30,26mp
It is a special pleasure that he swam better time than some smaller puppies, and he was also one of the oldest dog in the senior category!
He finished first in his class, ahead of a labrador too , now swimming on the pool for the first time in his life (unlike many of his companions)!
We are soooo proud of our UNIQUE GRANDPA! ❤ 

Our hearts are broken...
Touch of the Moonlight Edmond
20.01.2011 - 31.08.2020
Run free our Baby Boy!
We love you forever and ever

22.07.2020 - Our Boys are WELL ❤️ ❤️

Baileys is 10,5 years old & Edmond is 9,5 years old

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some pictures from the last few month from the boys life:

We are so proud of You!
Baileys daughter:

Day 3 in Vilnius
💖 Ingrid Gyöngye Bella -YMMI💖
open class:
06.03. 2020 BB2 CAC resCACIB
07.03. 2020 BB3 CAC --> LT CH!! 🏆❤️
08.03. 2020 BB2 CAC resCACIB

Thank you Jonna Räisänen, you are amazing!💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗



Dear friends!
Thank you for your best wishes, your kind words, your messages, your prayers!
Thank you for the God, that he with us!
Thank you for our doctors, that they did everything for Baileys!
We are over 2hard days and he is better now!
He has no fever, he is eating, drinking, his mood good, his lab is good too! Now sleeping a lot, but this is natural!
He is an incredibly and strong boy!♥️
Love you my HERO!♥️


After 10years our nightmare came true...☹️

We are over a hard night and morning, Baileys had 41fewer at night, for morning his pee was bloody....fucking barnacle😒
90%babesia.... we are waiting for the result of lab! At the morning he got 2injection and lots of infusion! We are continue tomorrow morning ....again infusio! We are fighting and never give up!💪🏻
He is so strong and want to live! ♥️
Please cross your fingers for him!🤞🏼
Love you BOY


Grandchild of Baileys, son of Baileys Jr:
💫Ingrid Gyöngye Crusoe💫(9month old):

13.02.2020: excellent 1, HPJ 

15.02.2020: excellent 1, HPJ 

16.02.2020: excellent 1, HPJ 

3days = 3HPJ so he finished the Hungarian Junior Champion title!

Son of Baileys:
💫Baileys Jr Bellissima GlemBell💫

2days on the FeHoVa = 2BOB
13.02.2020:Champion class: excellent 1/2, CAC, CACIB, BOB and short listed in FCI Group II!🏆

16.02.2020:Champion class: excellent 1/2, CAC, CACIB, BOB!

Daughter of Baileys:

💫Ingrid Gyöngye Beauty-Kamilla💫
13.02.2020: Intermediate class(only this day entered): excellent 2, res CAC, res CACIB🏆


Baileys JR Bellissima GlemBell:
15.12.2019 VERONA / ENCI Winner  / Champion class:
Exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOB🏆 and 🏆ENCI WINNER 🏆 we are soooo proud and happy!

14.12.2019 Italian club show - VERONA
Champion class: V1, CAC, Club Winner Male, BOB 🏆


🏆Derby Winner Show / Celjski Sejem🏆Champion class:
18.10.2019 / V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
BIS program Senior handler Category 3/10
19.10.2019 / V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
20.10.2019 / V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

We are so proud and Happy!♥️


What amazing weekend!!!!! 28.09.2019 KARCAG / Baileys children:

2*CAC Karcag +Hungarian Molosser Club show
💫Baileys Jr Bellissima GlemBell💫
open class: 2*Exc.1, 2*CAC, 2*BOB
Judges: Bosnjak Tibor(SRB), Gröschl Ferenc(HU)
He finished the:
🏆Hungarian Champion Title🏆 and the 
🏆Hungarian Show Champion Title🏆

And today was the Hungarian Molosser Club show where our girls and our boy (our girls entered just to the club show):
Judge: Stefan Sinko(SI)
💫Aphrodite Bellissima GlemBell💫
open class: Exc1, CAC

💫Butterfly Bellissima GlemBell💫
Champion class: Exc1, CAC, CLUB WINNER female, BOS and in the BOS-BIS: BIS2🏆

💫Baileys Junior Bellissima GlemBell💫
Open class: Exc1, CAC, CLUB WINNER male, BOB and in the BOB-BIS: BIS2🏆

I am over the Moon again!!! I am very proud Granny and Baileys is so proud Daddy!!!

What amazing weekend!!!I am over the Moon!!!🌙
Two son of Baileys got amazing results in two different Country!
💫 Baileys Jr. Bellissima GlemBell💫
21-22.09.2019 2*CACIB, 1*CAC Arad/ Romania open class : 3*V1, 3*CAC, 2*CACIB, 3*BOB🏆
 AND‼️FCI Group II : second place 🏆( BOG2, from more than 25dogs by Norvegian judge)! He finished the:🏆Romanian Champion title !🏆

💫Ingrid Gyöngye Batman💫
21.09.2019 CACIB Topola/ Serbia 
intermediate class: V1,CAC,CACIB,BOB🏆
22.09.2019 CAC Turija/ Serbia
intermediate class: V1,CAC,BOB 🏆
He finished the:🏆Serbian Champion title 🏆

I am incredibly so proud Granny and Baileys is soooo proud Daddy!!!♥️


What amazing news for the end of summer!!!

Baileys daughter Bella Bellissima GlemBell 24.08.2019 passed the personal assistant exam!

And on the 5. Austrian club show I could meet with Baileys children and grandchild! Baileys sons:
⭐️Oetzi von Blue-Danube-Island⭐️ junior class: V1, AUSTRIAN CLUBJUGENDSIEGER🏆
⭐️Catweazle vom Lossburg⭐️ : hobby class: v1 with amazing judgement!!!🏆
Ornella von Blue-Danue-Island (Baileys daughter) and Ingrid Gyöngye Conor (Baileys grandchild) visited the show that we could spent some hour together ❤️
On the back road I stopped at Bella Bellissima GlemBell that I could hugs and kisses her❤️
It was so amazing day!

 17.08.2019 Baileys daughter / Finnland - WATERWORK 

Ingrid Gyöngye Bella "Ymmi" : 95/100 point, rank 1/4!!!!!!!!!!
We are soooooo proud!!!


12-15.08.2019 Baileys daughters Aphrodite and Butterfly Bellissima GlemBell are in Italy / Pisa at the Ligure Sea

JUNE OF 2019

What a good news from Switzerland and from Germany!

Baileys two daughters will be mother in middle of summer 2019!


Carry / Switzerland: she gave birth 7boy and 3 girl on 23.07.2019.

Ayesha / Germany: she gave birth 5boy and 4 girl on 04.08.2019.

27.06.2019 Baileys daughter / Water rescue :

We are so proud of you our young lady!
Ingrid Gyöngye Bella - Ymmi in Finland!♥️
Thank you so much Jonna Räisänen! So great work! ♥️She is only 16month old! 

Baileys and his daughter!
I am so proud! 
Between the two pictures there are 6years different!
⭐️Baileys⭐️ got on Miskolc Marathon in 2013:
3*BOB and he got the Hungarian Grand Champion title too!🏆
⭐️Butterlfy-Butterfly- Maggie⭐️ Baileys daughter got on Miskolc Marathon in 2019:
3*BOB and she got the Hungarian Grand Champion title too!🏆
What can i say? Amazing feeling!♥️


24.05.2019 Miskolc - HU : What a wonderful day!
After more than 660km our success on the MMKE club (Hungarian Molosser Club) show in Miskolc:
💫Estike - Bérczy Baileys 💫 veteran class: excellent 1, veteran CAC, MMKE club Veteran Winner, Best male and BOS!🥇🏆
His children:
💫Butterfly -Maggie Bellissima GlemBell💫 champion class: excellent 1, CAC, MMKE club Winner and BOB!!🥇🏆
💫Ingrid Gyöngye Batman💫 junior class: excellent 1, HPJ , MMKE club junior Winner and BOJ! 🥇🏆
💫Ingrid Gyöngye Beauty💫 junior class: excellent 1, HPJ, MMKE club junior Winner and she finished the Hungarian Junior Champion title! 🥇🏆 
💫Baileys and Butterfly💫 MMKE club Best couple!🏆
💫Baileys and his children💫 are Successor Group first place!🏆
We are over the Moon!!!♥️


Good news from Budapest! Baileys son:
Ingrid Gyöngye Batman is HDA, ED0, OCD free❗️🐾

09.05.2019 Juppie!

Good news from Austria! Baileys son:

Catweazle von Lossburg is HDA, ED0, OCD free❗️🐾

What amazing news!! Baileys son:
Baileys Jr. Bellissima GlemBell and Ballihara Royal Formanos Gil children were born!
2 female and 4 male

31.03.2019 What amazing Sunday! Baileys daughters spent a day with us!

Bellissima GlemBell Aphrodite - Jasmine & Bellissima GlemBell Butterfly - Maggie

09.03.2019 A windy day in Austria with our veteran boys: